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Privacy Policy

NoAD well recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of personal and financial information. We will take all the necessary measures to ensure the protection of your information. This Privacy Policy applies to all users of this website.

Information NoAD Collects

NoAD collects personal information of the registered members of our product and website upon the registration. Although visitors of our website who do not sign in will remain anonymous to us, we may or may not use cookies to improve the usability of our website. Cookies are small sized text files stored in your computer system to help a website to provide customized and user friendly service. Only non-personal information can be collected by cookies and upon your choice, they can be disabled through your browser settings.

Usage of Information by NoAD

NoAD will never sell, rent, or share any of your personal or financial information with a third-party. Certain information such as password information and financial information (e.g. credit card information) will not be accessible even to NoAD and any of our personnel.

Personal information of registered users will be used to administrate membership and license holdings of our products. We will use the e-mail addresses of registered users to contact the users regarding announcements, news, and sales promotions only when they have agreed to sign up to our mailing list upon their registration.

All information regarding users who unregister will be permanently (and irreversibly) deleted from our database immediately upon unregistration. Please be aware of the fact that this includes all licenses to our products active or not active.

Modification of Privacy Policy

NoAD holds the rights to modify this Privacy Policy whenever necessary. It is advised for users to visit this page occasionally in order to be informed with the up-to-date Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy Manager : May Kim E-mail :